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Udhay kumar B.Tech BT ( final year )
Arunai Engineering College

"I feel very happy to work in armats lab and I learnt most of the techniques and methods how to work in a laboratory and I feel proud that it was a good experience to work out in armats lab."

Anbarasu B.Tech BT (final year)
Arunai Engineering College

"I am very happy to work in armats institute. Freedom of working as an original research can be seen in armats lab"

Sani Ibrahim M.Sc BT (final year)
SRM University

"I really enjoyed myself in Armats biotek. I became educationally satisfied. My conduct with armats is highly cordial with a good communication. The environment is highly energetic and the research work was really awesome and with good environment."

Salisu Bello Sadam M.Sc BT(final year)
SRM University

"Armats Biotek is an wonderful place for research orientation and are very friendly. Armats biotek always make and mold the students as the real researcher."

Umar Abdulmutalib M.Sc BT(final year)
SRM University

"I am happy and encouraged with armats. I feel that I am grateful with the valuable knowledge I have gained from armats"

Gayathri B.Tech BT ( final year )
Rajalakshmi Engineering College

"I thank armats institute with pleasure and honour to give me an wonderful opportunity. Armats has taught me how to work in a laboratory with positive attitude."

Selvaganapathy B.Tech BT (second year)
Kalasalingam University

"The way of guidance was awesome in armats. I would like to come back to armats for any useful reason and training program had given me the fulfillment of completing a whole semester."

Sharmila and Hari Gayathri M.Sc MB (final year)
University of Madras

"I am completely satisfied with the training what I have done. The teaching skills are excellent, knowledgeable. Armats is the best place to learn practical skills."

Sathish B.Tech BT (third year)
Arunai Engineering College

"Before coming to this institution, I had a lot of confusions in downstream processing practicalwise. Once I have done my training program in armats, I feel that I have gained a complete pack of knowledge in downstream processing tech."

Abdul Rahman B.Sc BT
SRM University

"Armats had an excellent atmosphere with good teaching staffs, excellent review.I learned more about the products based on herbal technology."

Sruthi B.Tech BT (third year)
Sree Sastha Institute of Engineering and Technology

"In the training session, I got more knowledge about Bioinformatics field and how to design the drugs for protein. It will be a rightful way for me a lot for my future carrier and studies."

Balaji B.Sc BT
SRM University

"Concentration in guidance was The best. Techniques can be learnt easily with lots of freedom only in armats lab."