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about armats biotek

ARMATS Biotek has been instituted with the prime research focus on biological sciences with the ultimate goal of developing unique bio-products to cater the needs of various industries and agriculture. ARMATS is in the process of promoting different kinds of eco-friendly biological products such as plant growth stimulants, liquid bio fertilizers, bio-pesticides, health and cosmetic products. In addition, ARMATS is developing tailor made research laboratory kits/products that will simplify, promote and improve the teaching and research quality in biological sciences.

Vision & Mission

To develop quality bio-products to cater the demand of various industries and agriculture and also to provide quality training and education to the students, researchers, technocrats and teachers.

To achieve the vision and mission of ARMATS Biotek, we are committed

  • To create innovative ideas and experiment designing skills among students
  • To train students as per the requirements of the industry and academia
  • Develop useful biological products based on scientific research outcome